Does being overweight mean i'll have gestational diabetes?

It could. Being overweight increases your chance of gestational diabetes, but it doesn't mean it's a "sure thing." if you're not pregnant yet, do your best to get in shape. If you're pregnant already, talk to your OB doctor and ask what you can do to prevent or minimize diabetes and risks to your baby.
Not necessarily. Gestational diabetes is the result of excessive sugar and carbohydrate intake which causes high blood sugar levels, which then make your Insulin levels rise. Plus the hormone changes in preg make prob worse.. Over time the chronically high Insulin levels lead to Insulin resistance and you will need to make higher and higher levels of insulin. You must improve your diet or you will end up with dm.

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What does 100-g glucose load mean when being tested for gestational diabetes?

Diagnosis. This means you failed the original 50 g 1 hr screening test and now need to full 100 gm 3 hour tests to diagnose gestational diabetes.

I might have gestational diabetes does this mean they might want to deliver my baby prematurely before it gets huge?

Depends on control. If your blood sugar stays high during pregnancy it will create problems for baby. Baby will begin to to make its own Insulin & begin storing the excess as enlargement of organs and body size. At some point, baby may be to large to go thru your birth canal & c-section may be necessary. If you achieve & maintain good control, baby will remain normal & normal delivery may be possible.

Does having gestational diabetes mean I will have it in later pregnancies?

Yes. Generally speaking if you have had gestational diabetes in one pregnancy your risk for having it in subsequent pregnancies is increased unless you take certain steps. If you eat very healthy, exercise, and maintain you ideal body weight you will reduce your chances of developing gestational diabetes as well as type II diabetes in the future.
Yes. And eventually, depending on your race you may develop type 2 diabetes.
Diabetes. Unfortunately, the odds are against you, probably up to 70% depending on your ethnicity; native americans having the highest burden.
Higher risk. So again- you are at increased risk- but it doesn't mean that you will absolutely get it. Stay focused on a healthy lifestyle and for you minimizing carbs (pasta potatoes, bread, rice grits etc) can help decrease likelihood of recurrence of gestational diabetes- or progression to diabetes.

75 g ogtt results for gestational diabetes at 26 weeks 1st hour: < 7.43 2nd hour: < 7.95 3rd hour: < 9.05 What does the result mean?

Missing units. The results you list do not have the units of measurements attached so it is not possible to interpret this as in the US diabetes test results are not listed this way. Contact your Obgyn and ask if you passed the test or not.

I am 31 weeks neg for gestational diabetes an was told my son was large for his gestational age what would this mean, should I be worried?

Large baby. Your son being large for gestation may not mean that there is an abnormality. Have you gained a lot of weight during this pregnancy? There can be a familial history of delivering big babies. Consultation with a perinatologist can explore the issue and help ease your anxiety. Ask your ob-gyn or call a nearby medical center for one.

When my blood sugar is dropping and I f don't have gestational diabetes what does that mean?

Blood sugar. It probably doesn't mean anything serious. Just that you need to eat a small meal every 2 to 3 hours. But check with your physician if this doesn't help. Good luck!

1 hr glucose test for gestational diabetes came back at 68mg/dl. What does this mean? Is that low?

Only high matters. Hi. That's normal. Only high results matter. Have a good pregnancy! Eat healthy and exercise for life!
Gestational diabetes. Did they do one step or two step approach? What are the other values at 2nd and 3rd hour? 1 hr glucose at 68 sounds good and normal. Based on National Diabetes Data group, Glucose concentration greater than or equal to these values at TWO or more time points is a positive test. Fasting-105, One hr-190, 2hr-165, 3hr- 145.Hope this helps.

I have gestational diabetes and my blood sugar levels that I check 4 times a day are at lower edge (around 90), even if I eat many carbs. Wht it means?

Controlled Diabetes. It means that your gestational Diabetes is "under control".
90 is great! Normal glucose range for someone without diabetes is 60-100, so no dangers whatsoever from a sugar of 90. Target range for a young person with diabetes is 80-120, and a little lower, maybe 70-110, during pregnancy. Sounds like you're doing great!