Is there any drug available for fragile x syndrome?

No. Those with this disorder have the abnormal chromosomal material in every cell of their body. There is no "pill" to correct its effects. The extra material is thought to confuse the cell by providing defective information as the cell tries to carry out its delicate metabolic functions. It is more important in some cells than others, which is why these individuals can appear so normal in most respects.
No. The basic science evidence is that the affected chromosome is deficient in Folic Acid but that has not worked out clinically.

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Can there be some drug treatment available for fragile x syndrome?

See Below. Since Fragile X is a genetic disease, there is no treatment for the disease itself. There are options for treating some of the symptoms of Fragile X (ADHD, seizures, or other behavioral disorders).

What to do if I have a 22 year old son with fragile x syndrome. I was told that they are developing a drug that either cures?

Specialist. It depends upon what the symptoms are. Some people with this suffer from developmental, intellectual and emotional issuesthis is caused by the effects of the chromosomal abnormalities. There may eventually be medications that help the symptoms, but I am not aware of a cure as of yet. Seeing a specialist for these issues to develop a plan of therapy would be wise.