Is chemo ever an option for oral cancer?

Not standardly. Chemotherapy alone is not a standard first treatment option for oral cancer. The standard options include surgery or radiation.
Yes. Yes it is most of the time after surgical removal and radiation.
Yes. Oral cancer is just a location. The treatment for oral cancers like other types is vast...Surgical, radiation and chemo. They are making great strides in cancer work so think positive...And good luck.
Yes, but... The primary treatment for oral cancer is surgical excision followed by, in most cases, radiation therapy. Sometimes chemotherapy is used as an adjunct but most trials of using solely chemotherapy have showed higher rates of mortality and lack of disease control compared to surgery.

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H/o oral cancer prescription in nov, 13, chemo& radiation for 6 weeks. 3 weeks later diagnosed with dvt& pe. On warfarin, esr-100 and crp-4.5 tive please explain?

ESR ; CRP. Esr ; CRP are markers of "inflammation". They can be elevated in pe or dvt. They tend to be elevated in many conditions ranging from pneumonia to rheumatoid arthritis. Certain medications can make them elevated too. Labs such as ESR ; CRP should only be interpreted with rest of the clinical picture and not in isolation. Read more...
Ignore them. Malignancies are often associated with increased risk of blood clotting for a variety of reasons. Reduced oral intake, dehydration, and hemoconcentration likely contribute to yours. Esr and CRP are non-specific indicators of inflammation from any source. You have a known source(blood clots). The tests add no additional information or prognostic value. You're treatment with warfarin is correct. Read more...
Non specific tests. If you are concerned about ESR and crp, i would advise you to ignore them as these two tests are not very useful to make any diagnosis, so they are too non specific to lay a finger on the cause. Certainly recent cancer diagnosis and treatments can cause test abnormalities like you have. I would advise not checking them again as they can only cause unnecessary anxiety. Read more...