Sick to stomach heart racing blurred vision sweaty?

Blurred vision . How old are you and what is your general medical health like? Consult with us asap or see your MD asap if unable to talk to us. .
See dr. See the dr. as many things, including but not limited to dehydration, low blood sugar, viruses, various infections, etc. can all be possible.
Go to hospital. Or call for ambulance. Do not wait to see this response. Go right away.
ER. If it's still happening when you read this, go right to the closest emergency room.

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Can ehlher danlos make chiari symptoms worse. Occipital headache, dizziness, episodic tachycardia and blurred vision for 15 days. Also 15 episodes of syncope in last 2 weeks. All heart/blood normal?

Problem. You need immediate evaluation . People with ehlers danlos and hypermobility can have an arnold chiari malformation that is difficult to diagnose. Sounds like you are having problems from this. Go to the e r please! Read more...
Evaluate chiari. The symptoms you report are most likely due to the chiari malformation. Your shoud see a neurologist and have an MRI and magnetic resonance angiogram to determine if the blood supply to the posterior circualtion of youi brain is being compromised by pressure from the chiari malformation obststructing the brainstem as it passes through the foramen magnum. Read more...