Had Carpal Tunnel Release surgery 4 days ago-they did a nerve block. In 24 hrs I had my feeling back in my fingers except 2, my 3rd & 4th. Need I worry?

Carpal Tunnel. Yes you should contact your surgeon. The local anesthetic would have worn off in 24 hrs. You may have some swelling around the Median nerve affecting your sensation,
May be expected. With long-acting local anesthetics, numbness and pain relief may last for 24 hours or longer. Check with your surgeon about what type of nerve block was used, and whether there is reason for concern if your fingers are still numb. Most likely the sensation will gradually return to normal.
Usually the. block they use is a Bier block which isn't really a nerve block, it's intravenous, check with surgeon regarding the surgical procedure.
Not to worry, Kim. These may be slower to recover because they are also among the fingers affected by the carpal tunnel (compression of the median nerve). Also, depending on which blocking agent was used and other factors (like circulation, temperature), it may take up to a week for the full effects of the anesthetic/analgesic medications to wear off. If the numbness persists beyond one week, I'd get reevaluated.