Why intermittent pain in lower left abdominal region, just above & to left of my pubic bone, and constant dull pain in mid to lower left back & thigh?

Abdominal pain. Age and sex of the patient are not stated. Reason could be diverticular disease with spasm in the intestine in the appropriate age group. Colon spasm alone in person with irritable bowel syndrome(ibs). Increased gas entrapment of spasm in the colon with allergy or intolerance to food products such as dairy and/or gluten. Evaluation by your doctor is recommended.
Radiculopathy?? This could be referred pain or nerve root irritation that caused "sciatica" . You should be seen by your internist and rule out any pelvic organ origin for this pain and if all is well see your orthopaedic spine specialist for a lumbar mri.