I had carpal tunnel surgery and trigger finger release surgery a week ago and my hand is really stiff and swollen. I was told I needed to bend my fin?

MOVING fingers fully. after surgery for CTS or trigger finger is very important. I always tell my surgical patients that when they return to the office after surgery I want to see them make a full fist AND straighten their fingers out so they can lay their hand flat. Speak to your surgeon to make sure you are doing the right thing , but most agree on this. Not "overdo" it BUTlike touching ones toes, after it is easier.
Carpal tunnel. It is very important to use the hand after carpal tunnel surgery to avoid swelling and stiffness. The muscles in your hand force blood and lymph out of the hand and into veins which bring the fluid back to the heart. Warm moist heat will reduce the stiffness, elevate the hand, and apply ice to reduce swelling. If no improvement, the surgeon may prescribe occupational therapy to speed recovery.
You should . Call your surgeon and inform them. While waiting I would ice the hand (with I've bag) and try and elevate the hand above heart level. .

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I had carpal tunnel surgery in September. Then trigger finger rite after. Now have a hard spot at carpal tunnel sight. Doc says scar tissue don't thinkso?

Carpal tunnel. Ask to work with an occupational therapist. They have multiple ways of regainingmotion of fingers and hand as well as reducing scar formation which sometimes can be quite pronounced. Read more...

Had carpal tunnel surgery done in both hands 5 months ago but still dropping things and finger stiffness.

Inflammation. check for high Blood pressure,lose weight and sleep by 10 pm.STOP ALL MILK,CHEESE,DAIRY,CHICKEN AND MEAT and start eating a lot of fruits and veges.The biggest thing you can do for urself is to STOP GLUTEN Make sure your Vit D is above 40 and become a vegan....dont waste time as you are already 70 years....exercise by walking 5000-10000 steps/day. Read more...