Are frequent and intense migraines reason to worry that I might have head or neck cancer?

If you have been. Diagnosed as a migrain or cluster h/a sufferer, you have a doctor that knows the difference. H&n cancers may produce h/a, but usually causes masses, phonation, or swallowing problems. Pain can often be referred to the ear, but I've never seen or heard of a migrain or cluster confusing h&n cancer.
It depends. Have you officially been diagnosed with migraine headaches? Has the frequency or severity changed and gotten worse lately? Do the headaches wake you from sleep and are unrelieved by pain meds? It is difficult to say without knowing more about your situation. This is why it is vital to get a diagnosis from a physician, to make certain it is not something else.

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Random pain and blurriness in one eye...have had stage 4 head & neck cancer in the past, so kind of worries me.

See eye MD. Go to see an eye doctor to be examined. No more restless night, thinking and assuming about something that is unknown. Make an appointment wit eye doctor and go to see your oncologist to discuss this problem as well.