I have sharp pains in upper back?

Its possible. You may have sharp pains in your upper back. There can be many reasons for pain. This can be a primary back problem or stress, ulcer, or overuse. A little bit more information is needed here. Is is achey, sharp, or throbbing? What is it accompanied by? What makes it better or worse?
Depends on your age. If you are young and otherwise healthy, or even if you are older, this could be a "pinched nerve." if you smoke it begins to get more complicated. If it interferes with your quality of life your spine will need to be imaged and you will need an exam of the nerve function in your arms.

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I'm having sharp pains in my upper back, right behind my rib cage. It's worse in the morning and as I move around the pain slowly dulls. What's wrong?

Sleeping wrong? It might be the way you sleep. It could be the mattress or the pillows. Are you a smoker? If you smoke, you might be coughing during the night, so you wake up with a bruised rib cage. These are all possible senarios you need to consider. If this problem persists, I advise you to go see a doctor. Read more...