I have had leg numbness starting from my toes up my leg what could I be suffering from?

Numbness. If you have suffered a nerve injury to your lower back, this can cause sensory loss in your feet and legs. If you have a herniated disk, which puts pressure on the spinal nerves, this can lead to leg and feet numbness. Vascular claudication occurs when there is plaque build up, which restricts the flow of blood to an area. It can cause a tingling sensation as well as pain and numbness. Atheroscler.
It depends. Numbness can come from either a problem with the nerves or circulation. A pinched nerve in the back (sciatica) or leg (neuropathy) can lead to numbness in the lateral calf or top of your foot. Poor circulation can also cause numbness. Does your back bother you or do you have cold feet? Do you have diabetes or other medical problem that could be causing this?