How will my doctor know if I have vulvar cancer?

Exam and biopsy. Part of your pelvic exam is an examination of the vulva. It is important to mention any symptoms you are having there to focus this examination. A biopsy of the suspicious area is used to make or rule out the diagnosis.
The major job of. Any physician is to distinguish what is normal from what is not. History; physical exam, lab tests, imaging, and biopsy have roles. The expert in this is the gynecologist, perhaps the gynecologic oncologist, but good family doctors can tell you most of the time.

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When should you contact your doctor if you are concerned about vulvar cancer?

Right away! If you have a lump or bump or new irritation on your vulva, you should see a healthcare provider. Vulvar cancer is one of the less likely possible causes of these symptoms, but it is easiest to treat when caught early, and other potential causes, like sexually transmitted diseases, non-sexually transmitted infections, and irritation of the vulva should all be evaluated by a doctor and treated. Read more...
Vulvar cancer. If you have a question because you have found something on your body contact your doctor. Read more...