Hi my husbund suffer from kidney stones and I was just wondering can it make you feel bloated as well as being sick he can't go to the toilet to do 2?

Should not feel. Bloated and constipation has nothing to do with kidney stones unless he was given a lot of anti-pain medication like morphine. Opiates certainly cause constipation and constipation can make one bloated. He needs to discuss this with his doctor. He may benefit from a laxative either by mouth or by suppository, or even an enema.
Possible. However, these symptoms may be more suited for gastrointestinal symptoms like irritable colon with constipation episodes for instance. Make sure he is not lactose intolerant. Start by quitting milk and ice cream. Cheese is okay, however. Usually stone pain is similar to previous episodes unless there is a obvious change of stone position. Needs a closer look by a physician. Imaging will sure help.