Side-effect of prednisone?

Many. Chronic high dose steroid adminstration is an animal model for accelerated again: osteoporosis, thin skin, loss or muscle on the extremities, weight gain on the middle, diabetes, ashd, increased blood pressure, cataracts, thinning hair, etc. I believe they should be used only as low dose as possible for the shortest period possible. Streroids save many lives when used properly.

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What is a side effect of prednisone?

Many. Prednisone is a medication that can have many different side effects. The side effects will typically depend on how long a patient takes the medication for and at what dose. Side effects are also dependent on what other diseases a patient may have. Increased apetitie, weight gain, and increasing sugars are common. Thinning of bones, bruising of skin are also common. There are too many to list here.
Many side effects. Prednisone has many possible side effects. Immediate effects may include: higher blood pressure, increased appetite, weight gain, headache, disrupted sleep, and mood changes (pleasant *or* irritable). If one takes it for much longer than daily for ten days straight, other side effects may occur, including changes in physical appearance and dependence on the medication.

Is tendon weakness a normal side effect of prednisone?

Yes. Hot flashes and mood changes can occur when taking prednisone. Night sweats can occur with prednisone/steroids as well.

I can't take the flippen side effect of prednisone anymore I just can't I want to just stop it. I hate feeling uncomfortable in my skin and mad.

Prednisone can. Sometimes have some pretty significant side effects. I am sorry this is happening to you. I would not stop your medication without fully consulting with your medical provider. One - thought - add in acupuncture. It can be very helpful for this type of reaction. You might be amazed at how much more comfortable you can feel even on the prednisone. Take care.

What can I do to stop joint pain as a side effect from prednisone?

Need to know what. We need to know what type of joint pain. To some this will be counter intuitive as prednisone can help some types of joint pain. We need to know what type of health problem you are are taking prednisone for. Is the pain you have joint, or muscle? What other medical issues do you have? Your physicians will help you clarify these issues.

Is heartburn a typical side effect of Prednisone? Taken w omeprazole and last 2 times still bad gerd, unusual for me

Prednisone. Or any cortisone derivative medication has upper gastrointestinal effects and heartburn, upper GI pain are common. Omeprazole is NOT and ACUTE treatment thus unless you take it regularly it may not help! An H-2 Blocker (eg: PEPCID (famotidine) AC) may offer sopme protective value as will TAKING THE PERDNISONE WITH MILK!!!! Hope this helpsd! Dr Z.

Tapering down on prednisone and took dose of methotrexate yesterday. Blood in stool and when wiping this morning. Side effect of prednisone? Tx? End?

Need evaluation. Risk of intestinal bleeding serious. It may just be hemorrhoids - the most common cause of rectal blood but with your other comorbidities you could have an ulcer or malignancy. See your physician and gastroenterology.