Side effects of taking prednisone?

Yes. Chronic high dose steroid adminstration is an animal model for accelerated again: osteoporosis, thin skin, loss or muscle on the extremities, weight gain on the middle, diabetes, ashd, increased blood pressure, cataracts, thinning hair, etc. I believe they should be used only as low dose as possible for the shortest period possible. Streroids save many lives when used properly.

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What are the side effects of taking prednisone for long periods of time?

Several side effects. Sodium and fluid retention sweating incr. Headache vertigo insomnia nervousness mood swings edema muscle weakness bp elevated glucose intolerance petechiae/ecchymosis facial erythema menstrual irregularities hypokalemia iop incr. Impaired wound healing (long-term use) cushing syndrome skin pigmentation abnormality hirsutism urticaria.
Many. To name a few. Diabetes, osteoporosis, cataracts, increased infection, thinning of skin, psychosis.

Can you tell me about side effects while taking prednisone?

Steroids are safe.... ..especially when taken for a short period of time. Common adverse effects include mood swings, increased appetitie, increased water retention and weight gain. Most patients tolerate them reasonably well though.