Will I be able to have children after my treatment for endometrial cancer?

No. The standard surgery for endometrial cancer will remove both ovaries and your uterus and therefore you will not be able to have children after your surgery.
Endometrial cancer. If fertility sparing conservative management is successful, then yes. After done having kids, we recommend having your uterus, tubes, and ovaries out before you develop another endometrial cancer.
No. A hysterectomy, meaning removal of your uterus, is a necessary part of treatment for invasive endometrial cancer. That means you could not become pregnant or carry a pregnancy. However, eggs from your ovaries could be combined with your husband's sperm for in vitro fertilization and the embryo could be implanted in a surrogate.

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What's the most common treatment for endometrial cancer?

Surgery. If it can be respected, then take it out. If there is lymph node involvement, chemotherapy may be needed. If there is >50% myometrial involvement, then radiation therapy is indicated. Hope this helps. Read more...
Surgery. Surgery is the most common treatment. Radiation used to commonly recommended. Recent data shows it is not beneficial and may be harmful in early stage high-intermediate risk disease. Read more...