Someone takes a cardiac treadmill stress test and experiences tachycardia which is then identified by an cardiologist as a benign tachycardia. Problem?

Difficult to say. Based on the information provided, it's difficult to answer your questions. As while a tachycardia may be benign - as in not life-threatening - it doesn't mean that it won't cause symptoms like palpitations or lightheadedness. It may even further evaluation and possibly even medications to control. If it is sinus tachycardia, which is expected to be found on a stress test, then I wouldn't worry.

Related Questions

Can I request of the technician that when I take a cardiac treadmill stress test that the platform be on a horizontal level rather than an incline?

Less accurate test. The "bruce" protocol stress test was designed to increase the incline and speed every 3 minutes. A horizontal test may not stress the heart enough, before the participant has to stop. Sometimes signs of heart disease do not show until the higher levels, thus a non-standardized test might miss heart disease, thus being less reliable. You can discuss other types of stress testing with your doctor. Read more...

My cardiologist did a regular treadmill stress test on me which was normal, so was resting EKG and chst xray why do I hear stress test is not gd women?

Stress test ok. The problem with the stress test in women is that there are more false positive which means the test can be positive even though you do not have disease thus "falsely positive". However on the flip side, if the test is negative then it has about an 80% predictive value meaning if it is negative then about 80% of the time you do not have disease which is about the same value as in males. You are ok. Read more...