The side effects of this insulinarent common with lantus (insulin glargine)?

Side effect. The blood sugar diary is the key. The side effect of concern is hypoglycemia (sugar < 80 associated with symptoms). This side effect should never occur, if your are doing bs diary and show it to your doctor. Doctor should know how to make adjustment to dose.

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Side effects lantus (insulin glargine) insulin?

HYPOGLYCEMIA. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is a complication of getting too much of any insulin. Since Lantus (insulin glargine) Insulin is injected you may have bruises or lumps at the injection sites.

Are there any long term adverse effects of lantus (insulin glargine) tx?

Yes. Possible long term adverse effects with Lantus (insulin glargine) include weight gain, leg edema, and lipodystrophy at the injection site (loss or gain of fat tissue). Hypoglycemia can happen short or long term. The possible association with cancer such as breast cancer in observation studies is still debated.
No. None known after many years on the market. Some concerns about a weak and possibly indirect risk for some forms on cancer. The jury has not come back from break on that one yet...
Adverse effects. Short term: low blood sugar or weight gain if used improperly. Fda had investigated the possible long term cancer risk and recommended no change in Lantus (insulin glargine) labeling at this time due to weak evidence.

My dr. Wants me to start insulin tried a few metformin, invikana cant handle the effects, lantus or afreeza which is better with victoza (liraglutide)?

Depends. Lantus (insulin glargine) and afrezza are two different insulin. One is long acting, the other is fast acting. One covers you the whole day, the other covers your neals or correct your high numbers. Talk to your doctor about the appropriateness of each for you. Good luck.
Diabetes care. The medication you need is a function of your diabetes. Type 1 diabetes does not make enough insulin and requires insulin daily. Type 2 diabetes has high blood sugar but there are many (~ 12) different diabetes related medicines, including insulin. Depending on your ability/willingness to eat more wisely you may not need any injections for diabetes control. Discuss with your doctor.

Type n insulin, is it any different from lantus (insulin glargine).?

If 'N' = NPH, yes. It peaks in 6-8 hours, last 10-14 hours. Lantus has mosest peaks, lasts 24 hours the amer assoc of clinical endocrinologists recommends not using nph, but longer acting basal insulin, like Insulin to obtain smoother control [often in combination with meal time short-acting insulin].

Hi, how often should I be taking the insulin lantus (insulin glargine)? I'm getting 40 units a day.

Take as prescribed. Most of the time Lantus (insulin glargine) is dosed once a day but occasionally it is given 2x/day follow your doctors orders, changing that could have serious consequences.
Once daily. Lantus (insulin glargine) is a long acting form of Insulin that is administered once daily (at the same time, every day). It never hurts to ask your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions, it's important to take the medications as directed.

How do I inject lantus (insulin glargine) twice a day?

Pen or syringe. Hi. I might be missing your point. Dial the dose on a pen or draw up the dose in a syringe, stick in your site of choice, and push in the plunger. Count to 10, and pull the needle out. Do that roughly every 12 hours.

Is it ok to use lantus (insulin glargine) and humalin r together?

Well. Not usually. But there are exeption to the rule. We can't really comment on this b/c we dont have your information.

Can you tell me if I took about 140 units of lantus (insulin glargine) long acting insulin would it result in a fatality?

Depends. Hi. No way to tell. Are you a type 1 or a type 2? What's your normal Lantus (insulin glargine) dose? If you made a grievous dosing error, go to the ER (drinking juice on the way), so they can have an IV in you and be prepared for a crash. I have type 2's who use Lantus (insulin glargine) 300-400 units/day; 140 units wouldn't kill them. I have type 1's using 16 units/day; 140 units would mess them up pretty badly. Be safe.