What causes some children to get high blood pressure?

A common.... ..Cause is narrowing of the artery that supplies blood to the kidneys, though there are others.

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What would be the leading cause of high blood pressure in children?

Obesity. Obesity is thought to be the number one risk factor for high blood pressure in chidren. Per, uptodate: "•children who are overweight (greater than the 85th percentile for weight) are more likely to have higher BP values (adjusted for age, gender, and height) and be hypertensive." there are some less common causes, but the problem of obesity in us children is tremendous.
High blood pressure. The most common cause of high blood pressure is unknown. We check their kidneys to see if it functioning well. Also children graduate out of neonatal ICU wo get umbilical catheter has higher risk too.

Could high blood pressure caused by use of decadurabolin get reduced after stopping its use?

Hope so! Too much blood (polycythemia), drop in HDL (good) cholesterol, and increase in blood pressure are all side effects of excess testosterone replacement therapy, which can increase risk for stroke, heart attack & death. Used under supervision, your doc can adjust your regimen to mitigate risks. That's why TRT is not a DIY project.

Is it possible to ever get off blood pressure medicine? What tests need to be done to know the cause of high blood pressure?

Maybe. If you have lifestyle things you can modify like smoking, drinking, excess weight, lack of exercise or poor diet. Fixing those can possibsbly lower blood pressure. Routine test will include thyroid function and kidney functions.
Yes. Depends on cause. There are a few that are curable by surgery! Other persons may control or improve, with weight loss, exercize, sodium control, dietary efforts.

Obgyn said bc can cause high blood pressure? Stopped my bc last month want to be healthy & get off blood pressure meds. How does this happen next step

See below. One must balance the risk and benefit of every medication (and of everything you do in life). Bc can increase BP a little, but in general not a lot. If you take bc and don't see any increase in your BP then don't worry. It may be possible for you to get off BP meds.

How do I get high blood pressure down?

High blood pressure. See fp to make sure it's really elevated. Discuss whether you're under much stress at work/home. Use a lot of salt or eat highly salted/processed foods? Overweight/obese? Eat healthful foods; limit salt intake (use other spices for flavor); exercise (walking/pool exercises); consider yoga/tai chi for exercise, breathing control, meditation. If BP is consistently elevated, doc will rx med to lower.
Lifestyle changes. Try lifestyle changes first: - don't smoke cigarettes or use any tobacco product. - lose weight if you're overweight. - exercise regularly. - eat a healthy diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables and is low in fat. - limit your sodium, alcohol and caffeine intake. - try relaxation techniques or biofeedback.