Can HPV cause you to not be able to have a baby?

No. Hpv does not cause infertility. It is the virus that is linked to the changes that can cause cervical cancer, anal cancers, and genital warts.
No. While the vaccine was under development, random blood studies showed the majority of women had evidence of prior HPV by their mid 20's.Most went on to have healthy kids.It is only after the tie in with cervical cancer that more testing was done, and the vaccine developed.Genital warts can pass if mother is shedding virus during vaginal delivery, erupting up to 2 years later in the baby.
Depends on other bug. Hpv is a sexually transmitted infection. By itself hpv does not affect fertility. However, other infections, e.g., chlamydia and gonorrhea that may be acquired through sexual intercourse can affect fertility negatively.