How do they decide whether to sample lymph nodes during a hysterectomy for uterine cancer?

They usually just do. Most surgeries where the uterus is removed for uterine cancers will have some lymph node sampling. This sampling is not usually done when the pre-operative diagnosis is a pre-cancerous condition, even though cancer may be found on the final pathology evaluation. Surgeries to place radioactive implants to treat cancer do not involve lymph node sampling.
Depth of cancer. A pathologist is asked to examine the uterus during surgery to assess how deep the cancer invades in to the uterus. If the invasion is more than half the uterine thickness or if the tumor is very high grade, lymph nodes are sampled from the pelvis.

Related Questions

I'm scheduled for robotic total hysterectomy with pelvic lymph node dissection for uterine cancer. What;s the recovery time?

Quick. Robotic surgery allows rapid recovery. You will need to confirm the plan with your surgeon. Most likely you will stay overnight in the hospital. People usually take 2-6 weeks before returning to work.

Hysterectomy for endometrial cancer. Now have all mediatinal lymph nodes & bilateral hilar enlarged w/virchow's node. No sarcoid. What?

Investigation&biopsy. Need evaluation & investigation, virchow's node is most likely from abdominal metastasis, can be diagnosed by simple biopsy low risk procedure, nature nodes in the chest need pet scan evaluation first or vats (video assisted thoracic surgery) biopsy.
Endometrial cancer. It sounds as if there is a recurrence of the endometrial cancer. Need to know stage, grade, histology and extent of original surgery. If recurrence, recommend research protocol versus carboplatin/paclitaxel chemotherapy. If low grade initially, Progesterone or an aromatase inhibitor may be worthwhile instead.

I have cervical and uterine cancer. Should I get a partial hysterectomy or a full hysterectomy?

Full. Partial hysterectomy leaves your cervix. If you had cancer in your cervix, you want a full hysterectomy.
Cancer. Make sure you see a gyn oncologyst. They are really trained, and will tell you exactly what you need. Cervica cancer early stages can be treated with surgery. More advance stages require only radiation as treatment. So make sure you see a specialist dealing only with cancer in the genital area.

Just been diagnosed with uterine cancer stage three awaiting hysterectomy will I need chemo?

Yes will Need. Yes will need aggressive therapy, to eradicate disease completely from pelvis, most of the time besides chemotherapy radiation is also required. Please follow you doctors advise carefully. If you are not sure take a second opinion also, your doctors will be happy to provide such service. Good luck.

With cervical and uterine cancer which procedure is preferable: a particial hysterectomy or a full hysterectomy?

Full. If you have cancer you should see a gyn oncologist to make sure that hysterectomy is done correctly for cancer treatment. Sometimes they wait on surgery for other treatments first. Ask to see a gyn oncologist.

Is radiation be used to treat uterine cancer? After a hysterectomy, will I still need radiation treatments for uterine cancer? .

Possible. You should discuss with your oncologist and gynecologist but what steps are required after hysterectomy depend on how advanced the cancer is when it is discovered. If it is confined to the uterus often a hysterectomy is all that is needed. If it is spread outside the uterus other treatments may be needed.