Does toradol have any aspirin?

Toradol. Although it is a pain medicine, toradol, does not contain any Aspirin or Aspirin products. It may be used it patients who are allergic to aspirin.

Related Questions

Why you can not take toradol if allergic to aspirin?

Combined risk. Ketorolac (the generic form of toradol, which has been discontinued in the usa) should not taken with Aspirin because of the combined risk of gastrointestinal distress, ulceration, bleeding, perforation and death.

Is one shot of toradol dangerous for someone taking aspirin and lisionpril? For how long could side effects occur?

See below. A single shot of toradol is probably ok depending upon kidney function. Would not want to continue toradol, Lisinopril and then become dehydrated or begin a diuretic without monitoring. Kidney side effects would begin relatively quickly if they were going to occur. This would be noted only by drawing blood. Would lst for several days then resolve. There would be no symptoms.

Had a toradol shot 5 hours ago for pain, inflammation after accident this wkend. Can I take 325mg aspirin? I'm worried about clots on long drive home

Toradol Shot. Well, you better take Tylenol (acetaminophen) instead of ASA because both together could increase the risk of bleeding, if you are worried about blood clot with a long driving, why don't you stop every hour or so to stretch your legs and walk a little.

With idiopathic low platelets (baseline 100, 000) why is it ok to occasionally have nsaids like toradol for migraine but ANY aspirin use is not ok?

See below. Aspirin acts as a platelet inhibitor, and can consequently prolong bleeding due to effect on clotting. But not so sure I would suggest NSAID's either, as they do have some nasty side effects. Why not prevent your headaches with daily butterbur, or riboflavin, or Co-Q10. Am sure your doctor can help set this up.