Lower right rib pain for on and off for 2 months. Abdominal CT scan and blood tests normal. What could this be?

Strain. Common things are common. Most of these types of symptoms are musculoskeletal in nature. Is it worse with activity? Is it related to meals? The fact that the scan and labs are normal suggests a muscular issue. Give it some rest and use an anti-inflammatory medication such as Advil (ibuprofen) if you can. If it does not improve, an orthopedic consultation would be appropriate.

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I have a bulge that comes and bulge that comes and goes under my right rib cage. As time passes the level of pain increases. My abdominal CT scan neg?

May be lumbar hernia. lower part of rib cage on back there is small triangle area not covered by muscles ( called 'triangle of auscultation ' )speak to your doctor your CT may not cuts ( pictures ) from this ares. Speak to your door. Read more...

I am so worried about my son because he has had two abdominal CT scan. One at 10 mSv at age 4 and the other at 6mSv two weeks ago and he is now eight.

Balance info vs risk. A CT scan can give valuable information regarding disease process but does carry its risk which increases the younger a person is and is dose related. Studies on people exposed to radiation are ongoing, and if total exposure is limited to the 16 mVs, then lifetime increase in cancer risk due to the radiation is still less than 1%. This is in addition to other genetic, disease and environment. Read more...