Thick mucus discharge? What did she give me?

Find out. If you have reason for worry the steps are: 1) see a doctor, there's no other way to tell if you 'got' anything, 2) talk with her (?) i'd to learn the facts before jumping to conclusions.

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I am having a thick mucus discharge, I am 50?

Normal. Mucus discharge by itself is often normal. If it becomes discolored, irritation, or with a bad odor it needs to be further evaluated.

Clear thick mucus discharge w/ spotting I do have endometriosis what is wrong with me it's a lot of discharge?

You need an exam. Cultures and an ultrasound as it could be from an infection or endometriosis or something inside the endometrium liek a polyp, etc., so please see your gyn for a proper workup.

I am experiencing passing gas, thick mucus discharge tinged with blood. Feel urgency to deficate but only mucus discharge. Happening 20+ times daily. Embarrassing and exhausting. Please help.?

Need to examine. What you described suggests inflammation of the rectum, proctitis. You should consult a GI specialist for evaluation and treatment. It is not feasible to prescribe a treatment without examining you. Wish you good health!