Pap test HPV + ascus, colp. Was CIN 1 friable, having leep done. Each test shows worse. So I am worried. Brown discharge, pain n bleed. Idea of odds?

HPV & CIN I. Once the LEEP procedure is done there will be a tissue diagnosis to determine if all of the abnormal cells were removed or not. At this earliest stage many CIN I's can spontaneously go away. However, do follow your MD's advice as HPV can cause cervical cancer.
Very low cancer risk. Actual cervical cancer is quite rare, and your colposcopy diagnosis (CIN I) means your cervix is several years away from possible cancer, even if no treatment were done. The planned LEEP will reduce that low risk to zero for practical purposes. The discharge doesn't change this excellent prognosis. Probably you were tested for STDs and vaginal infections, but ask your doctor if uncertain.