Can there be a link between breast cancer and ovarian cancer?

Yes, there can be. There are some genetic blood tests brca type. So far, there is brca I and brca 2. This doesn't mean you can't have an inherited form of breast ca and ovarian ca---as of now not yet discovered, and no blood test to determine a patient's risk. A woman can have breast and ovarian cancer and have negative genetic tests----we don't have all the answers yet.
Hereditary Link. App. 10% of all cases of breast and ovarian ca in the us are of the hereditary type, many of which are associated with mutations in the brca genes. Women with brca mutations have a 60-70% lifetime risk of developing breast ca and a 15-40% chance of ovarian ca. Women with a strong family history of breast and/or ovarian ca may have a simple blood test to check for these mutations.
Yes. Hereditary breast cancer increases your risk of both ovarian and breasts cancers.

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Correlation between breast cancer and ovarian cancer?

SMALL. In 90% of cases there is no correlation. In 10% of cases it may be associated with the hereditary breast ovarian syndrome in which brca 1 & brca 2 mutations are responsable for the increase risk and development of these cancers.

In what ways are breast cancer and ovarian cancer associated with each other?

The finding of. The genetic mutation brca 1& 2 link them molecularly, such that risk exceeds 80% and warrant oophorectomy before cancer dx. Since many breast cancers are fueled by estrogen, oophorectomy may diminish overt breast cancer.

Can my grandmother develop breast cancer and ovarian cancer at the exact same time?

Rare but possible. Women with breast cancer have a 3x higher rate of ovarian cancer as compared to the general population. Furthermore, women with a brca mutation may have a 50-75% chance of developing breast cancer and a 15-45% chance of ovarian cancer. Therefore, it is possible to be diagnosed with both diseases simultaneously.
Yes. There are two ways this can happen: 1. She had breast cancer with "drop metastases", meaning spread of breast cancer to the ovaries. This can happen with breast cancers that have the estrogen receptor. 2. She had both breast and ovarian cancer at the same time, mostly likely associated with a brca mutation. With this history, you may benefit from genetic counseling and/or testing.
Yes. There are some genetic mutations that can increase the risk of both ovarian and breast cancer. If a woman has both, she should have genetic testing, beginning with the brca 1 and 2 genes. If your grandmother has that gene, there is a 50% chance her child inherited it and a 25% chance you may have inherited it.

Can ovarian cancer and breast cancer be hereditary?

Yes, of course. This is one of the classic hereditary cancer syndromes. Sorry, I don't have enough characters to be allowed to give you a full asnwer here, but quoting wikipedia: http://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/hereditary_breast%e2%80%93ovarian_cancer_syndrome.

If you were diagnosed with breast cancer, what is the chance of you getting ovarian cancer?

5% Women with a personal history of breast cancer have a 3-fold increased risk of ovarian cancer. This association is even higher in women with a brca mutation, who may have a15-45% risk of ovarian cancer.
Depends. If there is no other significant risk factors that indicate possibility of having a particular genetical abnormality i.e. Brca1 or 2 or lynch syndrome- such as- young age of cancer diagnosis or family history of ovarian, breast cancer or other cancer such as uterine/colon etc in 1 or more generation- then the risk to have ovarian cancer will be the same as the general population.
Varies. If your breast cancer was caused by a mutation in the brca gene, then your risk of ovarian cancer is greatly increased.

What are my chances of getting breast cancer if nan and 1 sister had it, and one had ovarian cancer under 30?

Pretty good. You want to do self exam and imaging and ask your physician about genetic testing. Detect it early and the risk of death is quite low.

I'm just wondering, if you were diagnosed with breast cancer, is the chance of you getting ovarian cancer high?

Maybe. There are rare genetic syndromes that increase your chances of getting both breast and ovarian cancers (the best known are mutations in the brca genes). However, these mutations account for only about 10% of the cases of breast or ovarian cancer.
High in some groups. Individuals of european jewish descent have a much higher risk of brca 1 & 2 mutations than the general population and having relatives or family members with breast cancer or ovarian cancer especially under the age of 50 should consider genetic testing. This should be discussed with your gynecologist. Yes, men in these families can be at risk as well.

What is my likelihood of developing cancer at some point in life; my nan had breast cancer and her sister had ovarian cancer?

Moderate. With the family breast cancer, there are dna tests which may guide you. Non smoking, regular health checks, good personal habits and choices can reduce risk of dying with cancer even if you do have one develop.
Difficult. There most likely is a higher risk. But main risk factor is your mother and any sisters with breast or ovarian cancer? The best thing you can do is meet with a genetic counselor, however, may not be needed at your age. In addition, any other cancers in the family? Self breast exam important! Hope this helps.

My nana & my great aunt had breast cancer and another great aunt had ovarian cancer. What are the chances of me getting cancer in my life?

Get BRCA testing. Breast, ovarian and colon cancer are all located on the BRCA gene and is transmitted through family members. Have your MD perform BRCA gen testing to see if you are a candidate for that type of cancer inheritance.