Can OTC allergy Meds help with Shortness of breath due to allergies?

No. Over-the-counter allergy medicines are helpful for nasal and Eye symptoms due to allergies. Shortness of breath is more concerning symptom that can I have many causes. Over-the-counter medications are not going to be sufficient for this. The cause of the symptoms needs to be identified so the right treatment can be recommended.

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Advil 200 gave mild shortness of breath 2x times. Only med that helps with migraines! A MD said that it's an allergy. I'm sad. Suggestions?

Listen to. your doctor in terms of staying away from a medication that you are allergic to. Don't know what symptoms or conditions you are treating the advil with. Ask your doctor and pharmacist for other treatment options. I share the same allergy that you do. I have used acupuncture for a number of issues since I can't use NSAID's. Read more...