Why don't doctors encourage breast feeding instead of rotavirus vaccine?

We do. Breast milk is the best nutrition for your newborn and infant. That is the sole reason women are able to produce milk. While breast milk does contain antibodies, reducing the risk of infection, it is not foolproof. Rotovirus can cause a serious illness, killing over 440, 000 children a year worldwide (5% of all childhood deaths). The vaccine helps to reduce the risk of acquiring the illness.
Odd statement. Most moms have decided on a feeding method before the kids doc enters the picture.That said,we do recommend breastfeeding, but it has it's limitations.The antibodies in BM act like a lubricant that helps prevent viruses from attaching to tissue on their way through the gut. But they do not stop rotavirus from infecting a kid if the exposure is heavy enough.

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Why do doctors push the rotavirus vaccine. The virus is harmless in us?

Not harmless. In addition to causing severe illness of up to a week or more, since it often occurs in epidemic form in daycare centers and other areas in which children are present, parents must stay home and this accounts for lost work days and income. That is in addition to patients who may require hospitalization, and for the rare death. Read more...
You Are Wrong. Since the introduction of the vaccine, it is estimated that the number of children requiring ed visits has decreased 75% from 400, 000/year to 100, 000/year. And in the usa several dozen deaths from rotavirus per year has decreased.And you think this is harmless! Read more...