Protruding sternum gets worse with age?

It can. But only during growth, e.g. During adolescence and early adulthood. .. Once growth (in height) slows or stops, the pectus carinatum should slow or stop getting worse. ..
MAYBE, BRACE HELPS. Pectus carinatum usually becomes more severe during adolescent growth years and may worsen throughout adult life. The secondary effects, such as scoliosis and cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions, may worsen with advancing age. Amazingly a brace may produce excellent results. The use of a customized chest-wall brace that applies direct pressure on the protruding area can reverse the bulge!

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I have a protruding sternum and noticed it since I was about 12 now I'm 28 and notice it's getting worse and at time causing aches. What are my option?

Pectus carinatum. It sounds like what you have is: pectus carinatum. It doesn't cause any medical problems or shorten your life. In extreme cases, it can be corrected surgically. Or there are braces you can try, which may alleviate your discomfort. Typically it stops changing after you stop growing as a teenager, but a specialist can take measurements and fit a brace.