Does the diet affect the risk of ovarian cancer?

Nothing really. No diet is associated with ovarian cancer. However, it is always good to have a healthy-well balanced diet. Cut down carbohydrates, red meat intake- especially processed red meat. Avoid alcohol and tobacco/cigarette. Increase more vegetable, fruits, fibres and exercise regularly.
There are. No dietary or environmental factors associated with development of ovarian cancer.
No. Unfortunately, short of having your ovaries removed (prophylactic oophorectomy), preventing ovarian cancer is difficult. Some risk factors include family history (having a genetic mutation called brca), never having children, and exposure to estrogen therapy. Thus, having children and avoiding estrogen will help decrease your risk. Diet is not a risk factor.

Related Questions

Does the use of talc (talcum powder) as a feminine powder increases the risk of ovarian cancer?

Sometimes. The world health organization classifies talc that contains asbestos as a carcinogen and talc without asbestos as not yet classifiable. Several studies have shown an increase in ovarian cancer with talc use as high as 300% after daily use for 25 years. The problem is that some talc contains asbestos and some does not and the label does not have to disclose that it is present. Best to avoid it. Read more...
Maybe. Great question. There is some data that talc crystals have been found on surface ovarian cancers increasing the suspicion that talc is involved in ovarian cancer. There is also data that getting a tubal ligation, which can prevent talc crystals from getting to ovary, can decrease the risk of ovarian cancer. However, the exact answer is not known. Best idea is to avoid talc in the vagina or vulva. Read more...

Does multiple ivf treatments cause a risk of ovarian cancer?

No. It increases your risk of bankruptcy, at least in the US. You state that you are only 28. Have you and your spouse had a full infertility workup. In the US, unless you had your Fallopian tubes tied or scarred, no reputable Ob-Gyn would consider you as a candidate for IVF. Maybe you some other issue that you have revealed yet?? Read more...