Cardiology:Can people have a normal heart even though they reach the maximum heart rate on an treadmill stress test quickly?

Yes. If you reach your target quickly it means you are not conditioned. You need to exercise more and build up your endurance. Marathon runners never reach their "target."
Yes . If you are severely dehydrated or deconditioned (out of shape), your heart rate can quickly go up on treadmill test. You could still have normal heart. However, it does predict you will have higher risk of heart disease just the fact your heart rate went up quickly to maximum with minimal exertion. Answer would be to start regular aerobic exercise (fast walking, running, jogging, swimming, cycling.
No. A normal heart rate is between 60--100. Above 100 is tachycardia and below 60 is bradycardia. With that being said, a fast heart rate is normal if exercising and a slow heart rate is normal if sleeping.

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Cardiology: People can reach the maximum heart rate on a treadmill test in differing amounts of time and still have a normal heart. Can you comment?

Yes. Bruce protocol increases speed and incline every 3 minutes. To achieve 85pct of maximal heart rate will be dependent on your resting heart rate. 220-age -15 pct gets you at 85pct Maximal heart rate. Read more...
Yes. Factors that determine heart rate response to exercise are primarily age, fitness level and certain drugs that affect heart rate. There can be a wide variation in people with normal hearts based on the above factors. Read more...