What is pentazocine naloxone?

Mixed Drug. This combination also known as talwin (pentazocine) nx is seldom used as it is relatively more habit-forming than other opioids. Short term use is probably ok but there are better alternatives. It is a mixed antagonist-agonist which means that it has a reversal effect on some other opiates and it also contains Naloxone which is a direct antagonist to discourage abuse.

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Hi doctors, can you tell me what is pentazocine/naloxone?

Pain killer. It is a combination of a narcotic pain killer pentazocine with a narcotic antidote ( antagonist) naloxone, it is designed that way so in case of injection one would not get desired euphoric effect, i.e. To prevent drug abuse. Read more...

At 7 months pregnant how long will it take pentazocine naloxone to exit both mine and baby's system?

Narcotics. The answer depends on the dose and how long one has been using it. As answered yesterday it is imperative that you communicate to your Obgyn that you are using narcotics if this is not a prescribed medication. Read more...