Specifically for athletes foot, can u use penlac (ciclopirox)?

No. Penlac (ciclopirox) is made to use on mycotic toenail not on the skin for athletes foot.
Not recommended. Penlac (ciclopirox) is an expensive medication. The indication is for a fungal infection of the toenail. Even there, the success rate is very low. The package insert states about 8% so there are much better alternatives. Also, Penlac (ciclopirox) is prescritpion. One can obtain a over the counter medication at the local pharmacy.
Not indicated . Penlac (ciclopirox) is indicated for the treatment of nail fungus or onychomycosis. While both caused by a fungus there are far better options for the treatment of athletes foot.

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Can applying loprox, (ciclopirox) micronazole or lotrimen on athletes foot make it go away and on nails after laser treatment make it go away for good?

1) yes to number 1. 2) I thought the purpose of the laser treatment was to kill the fungus on the tonsils. Creams on nails are not very successful as thy have a hard time penetrating the nail. Oral lamisil (terbinafine) is still the most effective treatment for toenails in my opinoin. Read more...
Yes and no. To resolve a athlete's foot infection an anti-fungal cream should be use for a full month. Some patients are prone to reinfections and may use these products once a week preventatively. Doctors that use lasers to treat fungus of the nails often will suggest also using a topical product but I have not seen literature to prove that a combination improves the outcome. Read more...