My daughter is 2 month old. She was born 3.600 g, now she weighs 5.300 g. Is it normal? How much weight should an infant gain per month? Thanx alot

Weight is OK. Babies normally double their birth weight between 4 and 6 months, and triple their birth weight by One year of age.
Weight. A child should double his weight at 5 months and triple his weight at one year. He should also grow approximately 10 inches.
Infant Weight Gain. Your daughter's birthweight, 3.6 Kg is at the 50th percentile which is average. Her 2 month weight is also at the 50th percentile or average. In the first month of life, infants gain about 30 grams per day. After 2 months of age, infants gain about 20 grams per day. Birth weight generally doubles by age 5 months and triples by age one year.