I have been diagnosed with bilateral ganglion cyst of synovium==what is it?

Ganglion cyst. Ganglion cyst, also known as a bible cyst, is a swelling that often appears on or around joints and tendons in the hand or foot, could be bilateral, the most common soft begin tumar found in the boady.
Most likely no. Kidney cysts are abnormal, fluid-filled sacs that form in the kidneys. Kidney cysts are different from the cysts that develop when a person has polycystic kidney disease. Simple kidney cysts do not enlarge the kidneys, replace their normal structure, or cause reduced kidney function like cysts do in people with pkd. Simple kidney cysts are more common as people age. Thank good luck thank you.
It is possible. When the cyst get beg shining a light through the cyst (transillumination) but when it is small you can not do that. Aspiration another way of diagnosis. Ultrasound and MRI the other way of diagnosing ganglion cyst. Good luck thanks.
Ganglion cysts. The following orthopedic website covers this topic well: http://orthoinfo. Aaos. Org/topic. Cfm? Topic=a00006 synovial cyst is another name for the same condition.