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What would happen if a synovial membrane leaked out of a cyst?

Recurrence. When synovial fluid leaks out of a ganglion cyst the body reacts to isolate it with scar/fibrous tissue. This will cause an extension of the cyst or an apparent enlargement of the cyst.

Hello, I just had a knee scope done a week ago. Before that, I was tested by a rheumatologist for any autoimmune disorders and all of the tests came back negative. My doctor basically ended up scraping out the synovial membrane of my knee because it was I

Knee scopes. Many times knee scopes r performed to repair structural defects. Sometimes they r done to assist with making a diagnosis., which can sometimes be accompanied by removing some of the joint lining (synovial tissue). The tissue can be analyzed to further help with prescribing the best course of treatment.