Do doctor use stereotactic biopsy for cancer?

Yes. Yes several areas where the tumour can not be felt, but seen in radiograph, like in suspicious breast densities, in lung, in liver lesions etc stereotatic biopsies will be done to diagnose cancer.

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Do doctor use stereotactic biopsy to find cancer?

Yes. Stereotactic biopsy is used very frequently to biopsy nonpalpable mammographic abnormalities. Prior to this technique, the only option was to place a wire into the breast in the vicinity of the abnormality, followed by surgical excision. Stereotactic bx requires only local anesthesia and is done thru a pinhole incision, yielding the same results.
Most of the time. The function of any biopsy is to determine if the suspicious lesion being biopsied is cancer or not. If the biopsy confirms cancer then the patient is referred to the appropriate specialist for further treatment. If the biopsy does not show cancer then the patient may be referred for more invasive procedures- like excisional biopsy, to determine if cancer is present.
If a suspicious. Abnormality is found on a mammogram, stereotactic biopsy is a minimally invasive way to determine whether the abnormality is benign or malignant.

Could doctor use stereotactic biopsy to find cancer?

Not to.... Find it but to diagnose it. You need to know there is something there in order to do a biopsy.

Had a stereotactic biopsy on micro calcifications that proved negative for cancer. Told have to do mammo every 6 mo to evaluate calcifications. Why?

Biopsy not 100% A stereotactic biopsy is not a perfect procedure. It would be possible to miss an area of cancer. By repeating the mammogram, your doc will make sure the califications are stable. If there are many new calcifications, you might need further evaluation.
It is common. To do a 6 month follow up to assess for any changes following a biopsy, but it would be very unusual for anyone to recommend indefinite 6 month follow ups. Perhaps you misunderstood? Talk to your doc.

How do they find cancer in breast with stereotactic biopsy? What method they use to find cancer in breast?

3 D visualization. A stereotactic mammogram takes 2 simultaneous views of the breast and a computer creates a 3-d image, much like what our brain does with the views from both eyes. With the help of the image, a needle can be guided to the precise site of the mass in question to take a sample.

My wifes stereotactic biopsy was done on wrong location should the doctor be held accountable?

Sometimes. In general biopsy of a lesion is confirmed by imaging prior to and even sometimes during the procedure. However, even with these precautions sometimes the lesion is missed. In addition, sometimes there are multiple lesions, in those cases the physician must chose which he believes gives the best chance of obtaining a diagnosis. Speak with the physician and ask what why the location was changed.

What is the definition or description of: stereotactic biopsy?

Computerize biopsy. Stereotactic needle biopsy: a biopsy in which the spot to be biopsied is located three-dimensionally, the information is entered into a computer, and the computer calculates the information and positions a needle to remove the biopsy sample.
Guided biopsy. A stereotactic biopsy uses three-dimensional coordinates to guide the biopsy needle to precisely the right place to sample a tissue abnormality. Almost all of these are brain biopsies, in which a small hole is drilled in the skull and the needle is passed into the brain on a predetermined trajectory to arrive at the exact right spot, previously determined from imaging.

Hematoma after 6 mos from stereotactic biopsy?

Unusual. After biopsy some times it could bleed, a known complication, especially in younger woman, who will have very vascular breast, if large may take months to get absorbed.

Has anyone ever have stereotactic biopsy done or?

Absolutely. Stereotactic guidance is frequently used to guide breast needle biopsies particularly of microcalcifications. If a lesion can be seen under ultrasound, that is usually preferred for guidance since the positioning and lack of need for compression is easier for patient and breast surgeon.

Hows stereotactic biopsy procedure done?

Computerized locati. The suspicious density, seen in x-ray but can not be felt, this area is located in two or more planes, marked, computer guided needle enters, at the marked site and takes biopsy, radio opaque, marker is placed for future reference, that biopsy was taken from correct location, then simple small dressing will be applied.