Squinting eyes cause wrinkles?

Eventually. Just lik furrowing your brow, squinting can caus wrinkles.
Yes. Yes, over time. Botox can prevent or decrease these wrinkles. See a dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon for Botox.

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Doctors, will squinting constantly cause wrinkles?

Possibly. Chronic squinting can cause muscular contraction around your eyes which stimulate wrinkles. As you age, some of these wrinkles may persist even when you are not squinting. I would recommend considering correcting your vision to prevent squinting, Botox to prevent the muscles from contracting, and laser skin treatments to tighten the skin/minimize any current wrinkles. Read more...
Yes. Yes. sunglasses may decrease squinting in sunlight. Botox can prevent wrinkles from squinting. See a dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon. Read more...