Toddler at home, baby in nicu with neonatal herpes simplex 1?

Probably safe. Sorry about your neonate. Your toddler has almost certainly been exposed and infected, whether symptomatically or not, with the same virus. They are highly unlikely to be at significant risk.

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I am having cold sores (herpes simplex 1) from a blood transfusion as an infant in 1980?

Other sources. 80-90% of all adults are positive for the antibodies against herpes simplex 1, meaning they have had an active infection sometime in the past. Given these really high numbers for the general population, one does not need to invoke that a blood transfusion that happened as an infant was the cause.

What amount time will it take for the herpes simplex 1 to shoe symptoms?

May never. Some people have no symptoms with Herpes, meaning they never have an outbreak. Sometimes people find out they have been exposed to herpes based on a blood test but never had a symptoms.

My daughter is 2 n she git herpes simplex 1. Shes on oral meds but is there a cream I can use?

Herpes simplex. There is an ointment that is available for herpes simplex.
Treating Herpes. Yes. Of course. But, if she has herpes someone had to have given this to her. I would have the family all tested and then teach them about viral shedding and the necessity of putting them on a treatment to reduce their contagiousness. There is zovirax (acyclovir) for topical application, but oral meds work much better for suppression of this infection.

How does the transmission of genital herpes simplex 1 work?

Usually through oral. Usually follows oral sex but may occur through genital sex in an infected partner with genital herpes simplex 1.