Help can ceramic braces cause stain?

Bacteria. Braces (ceramic or metal) do not stain teeth. Food and/or chromogenic (pigment producing) bacteria can stain the teeth next to the braces. Good oral hygiene and regular professional care will remove these surface stains. Bacteria+sugar=acids can permanently scar the teeh next to the braces, requiring fillings when braces come off. Excellent hygiene prevents acid build-up, prevents scars.
War against stains. Also called "tooth colored" Many adults choose ceramic because they look natural and blend in with the teeth and are less noticeable than metal. If you're excited about using clear ceramic braces to improve your smile, and concerned about a war against stains, don't worry. Good oral hygiene, proper diet and professional cleaning will help you to solve this problem.
No. as long as you continue to do a good job brushing and flossing and getting regular cleanings every 6 months.
No. Brackets to not cause staining. Foods and drinks with staining pigment will cause tooth stains. Meticulous oral hygiene is needed to prevent staining.