Help can blepharoplasty change eye shape?

Eyes Can Change. Eyes can change shape after blepharoplasty. In the old days this was much more common. The lower eyelid is probably the most common reason for eyelid shape changes. The lower eyelid is like a hammock, eventually the support weakens and the lower eyelid begins to droop. In these patients who have some weakness to the lower eyelid, a tightening procedure is often performed at the same time.
Yes. Blepharoplasty can change the aperture of your eye- but it does not have to. Whether it does or does not depends upon your tissue in relation to the type of procedure you are having as well as your goals. Lower lid blepharoplasty tends to have more influence in eye shape than upper blepharoplasty. Discussion with an experienced surgeon is key to achieving your goals.
Blepharoplasty . Blepharoplasty is done to improve the appearance of the eyes and eyelids. There are many possible maneuvers used depending on ones anatomy and surgical goals..