Head hurts sides hurting in lower back hurts belly cramps no period gums bleeding what that mean?

Separate problems. That need separate solutions. 1. Gingivitis - bleeding gums can be a sign that you are at risk for, or already have, gum disease. Call your dentist today! 2. General health issues - see your PCP for comprehensive check up, labs and treatment. Do not delay, call ASAP.

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My period is late. I've had stomach cramps for two weeks, I pass a lot of gas, have little energy, some headaches and lower back pain. Am I pregnant?

Take a test... If you are having sex, then you could be pregnant. The only way to say for sure is to take a pregnancy test. The symptoms you have described can certainly go along with pregnancy, but they are not diagnostic (meaning that they could be related to a number of other things too). Take a pregnancy test and either way, see your doctor.

39w preg. Been having constant lower back pain for 3 hrs, a bit of belly tightening and what feels like occasional period cramps. Should I go in?

Questionable Labor. Heres what you do. Call labor and delivery and talk to one of the wonderful nurses there. Tell them who your doctor is, tell them what you are feeling and ask them if they think you should come in. I tell my patients to go to L&D if their water breaks, if they start having regular contractions 4-5 minutes apart, if they start bleeding more than spotting, if they have severe constant belly pain.