Could my groin lumps be a hernia?

Maybe. A single groin lump could be a hernia; or it can be an enlarged lymph node, a tumor, or even an infection. More than one lump in the same inguinal area (groin) is not likely to be an inguinal hernia. One's doctor can examine this/these and determine what it/they are.
Possible. Without a physical exam it is hard for me to answer this. Lumps in the groin could definitely be hernia is. They can also be enlarged lymph nodes. See your doctor.
Yes. Could be hernia, swollen lymph glands, etc...Should check with your doc.

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Can my groin lumps be a result of a sporting hernia?

Yes. A mass or lump in the groin can be from many different things like lymph node, cyst, fatty tumor, cancer and hernia. Please see a doctor and have this area examined. Read more...

I am experiencing groin lump right on the inguinal hernias. The lump is small like fisheye. What was the cause?

Groin lump. A small lump in the groin may be a lymph node, Lipoma or an inclusion cyst. A hernia is usually, softer, larger and is able to be pushed in as a rule. A physician or surgeon would have to examine you for diagnosis. Read more...

Groin lump/bulge or inguinal hernia, what's the difference?

See below . Groin lump could be from many reasons - hernia, lymph node. Tumor, hematoma, aneurysm etc... Need to c medical professional to figure out what is going on. Read more...