Is benign essential tremor related to my heat sensitivity?

Tremors&heat. Essential tremors is not affected by heat sensitivity----but essential tremors get worse when nervous, or anxious--so if heat produce anxiety, irritabilty, it can worsen tremors---.

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Is benign essential tremor related to my heat sensitivity?

In Part, yes. Any stressor, such as extreme heat, pain, emotion of negative or positive character can cause an adrenaline surge by the body & temporarily worsen essential tremor. It does not worsen the disease & will dissipate shortly after the stressor is gone. Suggestion: stay out of the heat whenever possible! Best of luck, rmh :).

Medicine prescribed for benign essential tremor (sounds like myciline) 50 mg bid?

Mysoline (primidone) Primidone is old medicine which break to phenobarbitol, it helps essential tremors, usually taken starting 50 mg.

Feel a head tremor even when resting on a pillow. Could it still be benign essential tremor? Cause for concern at my age?

Yes. Yes it can, but can be many things. There are several medical disorders that can exaggerate a physiological tremor. Best to check with your doctor.

As a normal healthy male is it safe to take beta blockers? I take 2/3 x 40mg for benign essential tremor? Am at risk of diabetes

YES. Betablockers are relatively safe. They are contraindicated in asthma and chronic bronchitis and rarely cause nightmares! Betablockers are the choice medication for benign essential tremor. You can take the minimum dosage that make the tremor acceptable and even not take it any day that you like (e.g. When you are at home!) it is a control not a cure.

Benign essential tremor in young children?

Second opinion. Unless your child was diagnosed by a pediatric neurologist, I would reccommend a second opinion.

Is there benign essential tremor in young children?

ESSENTIAL TREMOR. Benign hereditary tremor is bilateral slow course or fine affecting the head, hand, or voice. The tremor is minimal or absent at rest and tends to increase with age.
Rare. Typically not--usually in presents at earliest in the teens to 20's--all the way to the 70's. I would be certain to rule out other neurological disorders with a pediatric neurologist. Also, some medical conditions can mimic essential tremor, such as hyperthyroidism. Best of luck, rmh :).

What is the definition or description of: benign essential tremor?

See below. Benign essential tremor is a neurologic movement disorder characterized by involuntary fine rhythmic tremor of a body part or parts, primarily the hands and arms (upper limbs).
Postural tremor. Usually hereditary and benign, it is a tremor of arms, lesser head (no-no type), perhaps legs when elevating or sustaining limb. Often self-limited, but can be assoc on occas with parkinsons, and we now have found some pts with this who have peculiar cognitive and gait problems due to frontal-cerebellar projection problems.