Does stomach cancer run in families?

Yes, it can. The most frequent causes for stomach cancer include alcohol & tobacco use, chronic acid reflux, and exposure to a bacteria called h. Pylori. Much less common are inherited forms of stomach cancer. When present, this type of stomach cancer is often related to a mutation in one of the brca genes, which is more commonly associated with breast cancer.
Rare. It is usually not associated with familial genetics.

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Should I worry about getting colon cancer or stomach cancer at 22? I have. No.Family history of them

Not necessarily. If there is no fam hx of getting colon or stomach ca at young ages (below 50), I wouldn't worry as much. Minimize smoking and binge drinking because certain autoimmune conditions without known causes (crohn's, uc, etc) can inc risk of colon cancer. There have been reports where the conditions are more likely with chronic inflammation which high levels of drinking can cause. Enjoy your 20s!
No. Out of all the things to worry about in the world, colon or stomach cancer at your age without any family history should not be one of them. This is the time to exercise daily, eat well, not smoke or drink excessively - those things will help keep your risk of cancers down.
It is quite a low. Risk at your age, especially if you do not smoke or drink alcohol in excess.
See below... I agree with my colleagues that there is no need to worry & that u're a very low risk given family hx, etc. What I'm puzzled about is the reason for ur question! If u are worried, or find that u tend to worry a lot, I would recommend that u work on that... Psychotherapy is a good place to start. Clearing that kind of energy from ur path would make 4 more comfortable living! Wishing you well..

I've been experiencing excessive stomach gas and cramps. I'm very concerned about stomach cancer. I'm a fairly healthy, twenty year old male with no background of cancer in my family.?

Cancer would be rare. There are many possible causes for gas & cramps--but this is not typically how stomach cancer presents. Would see a primary care clinician first, and as part of the workup you might need an x-ray or visit to a GI specialist.
Why? You are healthy, your family history is negative. Are you a smoker or excessive alcohol user? This sounds as if you may have a cancer phobia or fear. Have you had anxiety problems? Please see your doctor to discuss these issues. Stomach cancer in 20 yo is exceedingly rare. Anxiety and phobic thinking are exceedingly common in the population.

Am I having any colon or stomach cancer risks by eating teen diet at college? Mom was strict due to cancer in the family.

Not really. Growing up in the western world is associated in with an increased risk of colon cancer. Stomach cancer is less common and is seen more frequently in asia and 3rd world countries, perhaps due to h.Pylori and genetics. Though associations with diet have been suggested, there is no direct evidence that you can affect your colon cancer risk by modifying your diet. A vegetarian diet may help.