Opinion on thin lips for kisses and.?

Plumping = kissable. Thin lips either inherited or from aging can readily be corrected with fillers that last up to a year or with a silicone implant that is safe and permanent.
Different options... You can test out the waters with a hyaluronic acid filler like juvederm or restylane (dermal fillers). These last for 6-12 months and can make a wonderful change in your appearance with minimal downtime. More permanent results are possible with implants. Discuss with a experienced facial plastic surgeon in your area. Best wishes!

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Opinion on thin lips for kissing ;{}?

Filler or implant? If you want to augment the volume in your lips, most commonly a sot tissue filler made of hyaluronic acid (a normal component of the skin) such as Restylane (dermal fillers) or juvederm ultra can be injected into the lips. Results are temporary and may last 3-6 months, but usually produce a smooth, natural augmentation of the lips. Other options include permanent silicone implants.
Lip augmentation. Dermal fillers such as Restylane (dermal fillers) and juvederm are a great way to give temporary augmentation to the lips if you are seeking treatment for thin lips. More permanent procedures such as the "permalip" implant or fat/smas grafting are also possible, but in my experience it is wise to make sure you are happy with the achievable results demostrated by a temporary solution before proceding with an implnt.