To bright red and I'm getting hot flushes. Is it sunstroke?

No. Sunstroke occurs when you get dehydrated and run out of sweat, and you overheat because your body's thermostat can no longer keep your body cool. If it's your face that is bright red and flushing, you most likely have rosacea. A dermatologist can tell you for sure, and prescribe medications to control it.

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To bright red and I'm getting hot flashes. Is it sunstroke?

Red & hot flashes. It is unclear with your symptoms what your clinical status is; are you in early menopause or do you have sunstroke. History is important ie. How long has this been going on, how old are you and how old was your mom when she went through menopause. If history doesn't help then testing gonadotropins (fsh & lh), and Estradiol will help sort out your status. Read more...