Is this suicide attempt or reckless behavior?

Both. As you give more specific history to the psychiatrist, believe me, you'll know. Best moulah you ever spent. I be watchin, real close!
Is what? Reckless behavior can sometimes be related to suicidal tendencies but not always. More would need to be known about the situation to provide a helpful response. Psychiatric evaluation can help to tease these issues apart. Take care.
Maybe. I'm a skydiver, and while people say we're crazy, I've not met a saner, more life-cherishing group -- play by the rules and it's safer than driving. The public may stigmatize an activity as "reckless" or "death-seeking" when it's merely a way of living to the fullest. It's the drunk driver, the drug abuser, the promiscuous casual-sex addict whose reckless behavior may be "chronic suicide.".