Tricare standard for psychiatric services?

Unclear question. Need more information about what you are asking. Is tricare your service provider? What kind of services are you seeking?
Tricare. Whether tricare standard or tricare prime- you should be able to obtain pertinent info here: http://www.Tricare.Mil/mentalhealth/. The very best program i know of anywhere for psychiatric care is tricare prime.

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What's the tricare standard for psychiatric services?

Call Tricare. I don't know whether you mean "tricare standard, " a type of health insurance policy -- or the standards they have for psychiatric services. For information about your benefits and the way they administer them, contact tricare. Read more...
There is Tricare . Standard, tricare prime and tricare for life. Tricare prime is the easiest to use ; most comprehensive insurance program I have seen for psychiatric needs. Get full details on line: http://www.Tricare.Mil/mentalhealth/. Read more...