What to do if I have an underbite. How can I get rid of it and make my teeth straight?

A process. Hi there. Underbite management can range from simple braces to reconstruction jaw surgery. You would need a thorough evaluation and have all the measurements taken to see how simple or complex your particular situation is. Best of luck!
See a Pro. Ask your Dentist to recommend the best Orthodontic Specialist in your area. Under bites are complex malocclusions. See the Orthodontist to discuss solutions for your individual problem set...no two people are alike.
See an ortodontist . A healthy bite and good looking smile is important at any age. A variety of orthodontic treatments are available today for all ages and all situations (e.g. gaps, overbite). If your doc is a Board Certified orthodontist is the best way to achieve your treatment goals. Orthodontists are trained three years longer than a general dentist. Good luck. .
Orthodontist. You should see a local orthodontist for a consultation.