What to do if I have alot of pain in my left heal my right big toe is also very painfull can't hardly walk could this be the begin of diabetes.?

Heel pain. Heel pain and big toe pain may be from many other conditions. Symptoms of high blood sugar (diabetes)include blurred vision, tiredness, itchy skin, increased urination, thirst, increased appetite, weight loss and excessive urination at night. Get your doctor to check your fasting glucose and A1c test if you have any of these symptoms.
Biomechanical . I also believe the problems are more biomechanical in origin and not related to diabetes. The left heel pain is a classic sign of plantar fasciitis. It would be of great benefit to get X-rays of the foot to rule out other problems, such as heel fracture or bone cancer. The right big toe pain is a common compensation to the heel pain. Again X-rays could determine arthritis or fracture. .
Pain in Foot. I believe that what you are describing is more of a biomechanical problem and not necessarily related to Diabetes. I would recommend that you visit a podiatrist where an X-ray of your foot can be taken so that a Hallux Limitus can be ruled out as well as to see if you might have any sort of a heel spur.